5 Spring Summer Fashion Trends and Styles Defining 2024

5 Spring Summer Fashion Trends and Styles Defining 2024

The question that fashion-forward people always have at the start of a new season is: "What can I add to my closet to navigate the months ahead in style?" Here are five options for you culled directly from the spring/summer '24 runways, if you're ready for this kind of wardrobe revamp. Take this roundup as your sneak peek at the 2024 trends that will be hot on social media feeds, online shopping carts, and clothes racks so you can plan your purchases appropriately.

  1. Rich Burgundy Fun

Following cherry red's enormous popularity in the fall and winter of last year, some of the spring collections are becoming slightly darker. The moodier sister of red, maroon, burgundy, or oxblood, has been seen on too many runways to list, therefore it's time to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Although Sergio Hudson, Valentino, and Gucci demonstrated that burgundy looks fantastic with monochromatic fits, you may start small with a maroon cardigan, a high-end purse, or a pair of loafers.

  1. Girl core

Designers have the same enthusiasm for lace, bows, rosettes, and ruffles as the general public on social media. Girlcore, that's what we'll call it. Girlcore is here to stay and is going to blow the season away, so forget about flowers. The white dress also makes a reappearance, and rosettes and bows take center stage as we bid adieu to pastel colors. Get compliments by accessorizing your preferred romantic dress or flowy skirt with a floral choker and a hair bow.

  1. Plunge into Fringes

Trends come and go, captivating and redefining style in the ever-changing world of fashion. The fringe style is one that has spread to both the streets and the runway. Fringing has become a fashion industry mainstay, bridging the gap between high fashion catwalks and mainstream street style. Though the term "boho" may make you nostalgic for 2013, fear not—fringe is experiencing a comeback in high fashion. It's finally time to start a new collection or take that fringed jacket out of deep storage.

4.Statement Belts

The belt is an underappreciated accessory that was once thought to be solely functional for holding trousers up. However, it has now become an overlooked symbol of fashion changes.

Everything from your corporate core pantsuits to your winter-perfect overcoats, glitzy gowns, and the classic saree will look better with a belt around it.
Belts are in, according to the recently finished fashion extravaganza in Paris.

  1. Metallic Magic

Did someone say metallics were just for Christmas? We are adopting  'more is more' mindset and extending the party vibe with glittering decorations and gold and silver accents that are sure to lift any gloomy day. If you really want to go all out for this look, you may wear blazers, button-up shirts, skirts, slip dresses, slacks, and skirts in a variety of textures and jewel tones. You can even layer on silks, satins, sequins, and metallics from head to toe. You can also choose to incorporate a single piece into your wardrobe to tone it down a little. The option is entirely yours.


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